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About Us

Over 50 years shaping Australia’s workplace safety sector.

ASSA is one part of a family-owned business with over 50 years shaping Australia’s workplace safety sector.

For years, our family’s company specialised in industrial signage and grew to become one of the largest and most trusted partners for meeting signage obligations.

In 1999, ASSA was established. Our game-changing compliance management system is the culmination of our expertise and the perfect complement to our origins in signage.

Since then, ASSA has grown into Australia’s leading Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Solution.  Our suite of tools, resources and services have taken the hassle out of WHS/OHS compliances for thousands of Australian and New Zealand businesses and we’re incredibly proud of our work with them.

We Support a Culture Where:

Individuals are empowered to act and are accountable for their actions.

Employees conduct themselves with uncompromising integrity at all times.

Positive, mutually beneficial relationships are maintained with one another, both internally and externally.